Back to the Future

future no war stop the war Mar 04, 2022

Back to the Future are my thoughts today about my Future Friday posts.


My aim for Future Fridays posts are to share and inspire ideas and sometimes products that encourage us to live more sustainably for the future of our planet. 


Todays post is a bit different.  We often have to look back in order to look forward or more simply give thanks for our present. 


Present, being a gift.


I just had this poster framed and intend to give it a permanent place in my home. I was given it by my ex partner several years ago at a time when we were splitting up and returning items to each others homes. He gave me this poster at that time which surprised me as it was his, not mine. We met in 2012 and enjoyed the hot summer in London at that time and went to the olympics. He lives near the Olympic village and we were caught up in the all the excitement and of course that joy of the start of sometime new. 


We have managed to stay friends, sometimes meeting up and offering support when asked for. Which isn’t often but its a healthy place to be and I am grateful that he is in my life.


Time is a healer they say. 


Today seeing the poster and its message at a time when the winter para Olympic games are shunning Russian competitors fills my heart with sadness. How quickly our world is changing, in just 10 years, so much war and conflict combined with a pandemic and the challenges to life on earth through climate change. 


What to do?


The best we can, don’t give up being your best and brightens self. There are more of us on the planet being kind and showing loving support in anyway that we can. Showing compassion through our actions. Whatever you can give will be enough…..

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