Better Together - Community Group 

This is where I share my work. Its place where we come together and find useful practices to support ourselves and also share our wisdom to support each other. 

You will find video resourses for breath work, help with the pelvic floor and abdominals whilst learning why this is essential in order to find balance in your life. On a physical level as well as managing anxiety an stress. 

One a month you will receive a challenge to work with. To set goals and realistic intentions to help you live better. 

Each new person will also get access to my sleep journal to help improve your relationship with sleep.

The group is open to everyone. You don't need to have any yoga experience.

The cost is £10 per month and you will receive a £15 discount off any On-Line class for you to try or use to support your health and well being.

What people are saying.

"Such wisdom here. Thanks for educating us all. If you are not watching and doing this you should be! Thank you 🙏🏻 "

"The more I connect with this concept of steadiness it has dawned on me that it starts with giving yourself time. Just a little each day will do the job (more if we can get it 😊). We find this hard to do in this world which puts so much value on busyness."

Alison Pritchard


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