Here are two audios for you to use .

Mindful breathing will help you to only focus on your breathing. It is useful for if you wake up in the night and find it hard to get back to sleep.

Body Scan is a longer practice and will help you to relax your muscles. Just checking in with how you feel in the present moment. 

Remember that we are often looking for a way to disrupt our thought process. Stop over thinking, worrying. Being more in touch with this process and becoming relaxed will help to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Help me sleep
Mindful Breathing
Help me sleep
Body Scan

Looking for more help.

Book a 1:1 session and get 20% off  the price of your first session.

This session give you time to go a bit deeper into this work. Perhaps you need help finding the right language to define your relationship with. 

This is also an opportunity to work with some physical posture practices to help you to stretch and unwind. Understanding tension and working with it. 

I will email you after your purchase to set up a session with you.