How to exercise your Pelvic Floor Muscles

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No-one  wants to talk about their pelvic floor muscles. Regardless of all that is obvious about why we should, it causes us to tighten up and hold out breath, creates tension but not in the right place.

However my go to book is called CURING WOMANS WATER WORKS.  A student once said  that this book should be in a brown bag and passed around the school playground. 

It is essential reading. The book is bigger than a leaflet and has quick and easy to follow advice. 

Published in Australia by two women health care workers. I first came across this book when training to teach pre and post natal yoga and am revisiting it for wisdom for women during then menopause, and or ageing. I am at that time of life where I have just about experienced everything that can be thrown at the female body. It's not just wear and tear but we are effected by normal changes that can be deliberating.

 "I honestly wish I had known about my pelvic floor before my prolapse a few years ago (caused by the menopause & chronic much info..).  Its not mentioned at school and if you don't have children its never mentioned, but boy do I know about it now!  I read the Guardian article and you recommended the "Waterworks" book to me quite a while ago which was great.  The menopause has a lot to answer for and seems to affect every part of the body - joyous!"

Thank you Karen for your comments. 



I am happy to offer help and guidance. 

Talk through a plan to help with issues with the pelvic floor muscles. 

Offer useful exercise and practices.

You are not on your own with this. Let me help you. 

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