A New Start

community free class help me sleep streatham wellbeing Oct 25, 2023

It has taken me a while to get here, I really didn’t know where to start. How to access public funds to run free classes in the community. 

I saw a flyer looking for local people to provide health and well-being within the community and thought, thats me. 

After making an enquiry to Streatham Action they encouraged me to apply for the grant. They found me a sponsor company, The Black Prince trust and made the process as easy as possible.

It has been inspiring to meet the other people in the project, all of us sharing the same goal of improving health and well-being within our community in Streatham, along with the enthusiastic  support of Public Health Lambeth.

I have been teaching yoga for 30 years and community is always at the heart of my work. I encourage people in classes to know each other and run classes in community spaces. My past experience has been with Sure Start and Kids Company and several health initiative projects like Flora Fit Street.

Regardless of any previous experience its always a challenge to move into the unfamiliar. It is going to feel vulnerable and even though I have done this before forging new contacts and talking about myself is never that easy. 

Of course with practice it becomes easier. 

Thats the yoga way, and just the way it is.

My message in this post is to have the courage to change, make steps towards creating the work that you want to do. It takes awareness to know when the time is right.

I still don’t feel ready to formalise myself in the structure of a company to do this, but it doesn’t feel so daunting now.

Just now I am happy sharing the flyers within the community and talking about how the class will work to help people sleep better.

The classes carefree to anyone living in Streatham, London. Sign up here.


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