Earth Day 2021

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Today is Earth day, but everyday is Earth Day isn't it?  However I get that we might need push to do a bit better and so today I am sharing my favourite  products and businesses.

Five years ago I decided to try and reduce our use of plastic in our home to zero. My son said thats impossible I said lest aim for 70% reduction and make a start, no mater how small.

These are my top household products for sustainability.

Water Liberty 

These little magnets clean amazingly, no detergent or fabric conditioner needed ever again. No packaging to try and recycle. They have a 50 year guarantee and I can say fully tested on the clothes of  a teenage boy. He even noticed the difference in our hard water location. For once his socks dropped over the clothes dryer. 

Who gives a crap

Bulk buying loo roll, no plastic wrapping, pretty packaging and 50% of their profits go to build toilets for those who don't have them. 

Charcoal sticks,

Use them in water jugs, and water bottles, to purify your water. No more plastic, water filters, The sticks are also bio degradable so can go into a composter.

Earth Breeze

More laundry detergent, and this one I love.

Like who gives a crap this company also give to charity and yo can elect who you would like a percentage of your payment to go too.

The world just gets better.


Old phones, new trees 

In their own words 

Our obsession with having the latest iPhone the second it drops is creating mountains of e-waste.

Perfectly good, high-spec handsets are gathering dust in a drawer, or going to landfill missing the chance to find a new home. We're on a mission to re-home 100 million devices by 2030.

Odd Box 

Fruit and vegetable delivery

Make your own natural cleaning products



1% for the planet is a great place to get ideas from but I also recommend Hannah Cox at

You can follow Hannah on Club house for inspiration about all things sustainable in business and connect with like minded people. Taking positive action for sustainable change. If you need an invite for Club House please request one from me.  








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