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allyogamed belts blocks bricks yoga equipment yoga mats yoga straps Sep 16, 2021

I am a big fan of these yoga mats. Using one has improved my practice significantly. The surface holds you steadily. After 30 years of practice this is without a doubt a significant up grade to my experience of life on my mat.

They come at a price, but they are worth it. 

Mine has the alignment markings on it which I didn't feel necessary to have but I do find very useful. It is another dimension of  the enhanced experience of practice. Also if you are not working with a teacher to support you this is a great companion. 

It all works.

No more sliding off the mat in downward dog.

Any disadvantages?

Not great on the knees for knelling postures but you can always put something underneath your knees, like a blanket or your sweat shirt, what ever is at hand. But to be honest I have got used to it and my knees are no longer sensitive. 

I also teach people who use these mats and have knee issues. They are managing fine without extra support. The trade off from the support in standing postures is worth it.

So if you are looking for a new mat and see an improvement in your practice then please do invest in one of these mats.

More about the product here in their own words. 

Our "All yogamed" mats are environmentally friendly and have been made with natural rubber in their buttom layer. They are designed to provide you with the best grip for your hands and feet so that you can perform the stronger poses with confidence whether you are a beginner or at a more advanced level.

The thickness of our yoga mats is standard but our PU top layer provides a superior comfort level of soft cushioning. The bottom rubber layer is designed to maintain a firm grip on the floor which prevents your mat from sliding.

In buying our mats you are showing your support for the environment and we welcome you to the "All Yogamed" family. We believe that adding yoga into your daily routine will improve your own mental health and buying our mats will reduce the negative impact on the environment.

                                        ECO BLOCKS AND BELTS 
At the start of lock downs I gave away all of my equipment to my students so that we could carry on working together on zoom with belts and bricks. Therefore I no longer carry such things for students to use.
I want everyone who works with me to enjoy the experience of support and restorative practice and ask everyone to have a minimum of a brick and a belt.
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