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conflict no war peace Nov 06, 2023

Many of us are reeling from the distressing news which is a combined force of man made intentional destruction and nature responding to circumstance. All of which is out of our control.

How do we cope?

We can start with a breath, a deep breath and extend the out breath. To breath in again and connect to a life force which is the same as every living being, be that human, animal or plant. It is what we call vital energy and we must nourish ourselves with this if we are to be better for others. 

Twenty years ago the Human Genome Project was completed. One of the key findings was that all human beings share a genetic make up that is 99% identical. Which just makes me feel that we are all in this together. We all breath in the same way, we are all connected. My aim is not to avoid the news but to know it then make a choice to seek compassion and breath for everyone. Try to iron out the creases of discord by choosing not to inflame. Its not about changing the conversation but altering the way I speak about war, encouraging  thoughts towards peaceful solutions rather than enflaming the energy with more violence. 

Ahimsa is the Sanskrit word for non-violence and is is number one of the eight limbs of yoga. These concepts should b practiced in thought words and deeds. Ahimsa can be an anchor, grounding us in a steadily whilst we drift with the motion of instability. 

The arts also help. it might be a sense of therapy,  just making marks on paper but art can be a connection to something other. It might be a painting, or a performance, it might be a song. 

Practicing Loving Kindess. A Meditation 

Practicing a  loving kindness meditation can increase your capacity for forgiveness, connection to others and self-acceptance.

It’s not easy when we are asking ourselves to send kindness others. You will feel resistance. It also takes practice to allow yourself to receive your own love as  much as it is to send it. 

Here is a link with a script for you to to follow 

Look for a quite place to retreat to?

I have found a perfect place to run retreats and the first one at Claridge House in Surrey will be the weekend of the 26-28th Jan 2024 with two more later in the year.

Claridge House is a Quaker centre so will offer something other for us in the sense of a quiet place for reflection. It has all my usual requests, single occupancy rooms with ensue facilities, full board of veggie meals and is less than an our from London.

More info and to book here.

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