HAPPY HOLIDAYS - Holiday time is a mindset, right?

being happy character strengths creativity gratitude holiday time kindness managing stree via insitute wellbing Nov 02, 2022

it seems that holiday time is all the time these days. So why not just go for it and make time to enjoy each day as if you were on holiday. 

Its a mindset isn't it?

The VIA Institute on Character has a test to find out what your top character strengths are and how you can use these in every day life in order to be happier. 

No surprise to those who know me that my top strength is humour.

I don't  think I am funny and it's just the the way that I innately show up in life. It also doesn't mean that I am not serious. To be honest I wish I could be less serious and angry about the state of the world now. I take current affairs seriously. A natural ancharist at heart. I want the system to work so that I don't have to get angry, but it seems that through anger and frustration we can seek to make a difference. 

Just adding all this because I wouldn't want anyone to think that I find life a big laugh, I really don't. 

Knowing your character traits can help you to accept yourself find ways to navigate your immediate world in a way that will make you feel happier.

The VIA shared this picture of tips to manage our holiday time which seems to start in November.

You don't need to take the test, rather knowingly use gratitude, kindness and creativity in your life.

Am thinking if we start now, when we arrive at our holiday time we will be better able to enjoy ourselves.  

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