I love full moons and this evening its a super moon, in pink.

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I just love a full moon. They are magical and last night I saw the moon just hanging out in the sky out side of my window. All things bright and beautiful. There isn't a lot to get excited about just now in this time or COVID but I am remembering a time of full moon beach parties and all things light. Full moons remind me that we are part of something bigger than our thoughts, place and time. They can feel emotional and intense and often bring stuff to the surface. Therefore it can be away when you try and rest, go low, take the pressure off and see how you feel in a few days time as we ease into a natural letting go. 

I am re sharing this blog which is all about detoxing in line with the luna cycle, good for anyone on a diet but also iffy tare looking to let of of what ever is on your mind and try to start a new way of being.

Detoxing And The Luna Energy

New Year is a traditional time for dieting and detoxing is mainstream.  The benefits of raw fruit and vegetables stare at us from social media and  magazines at supermarket checkout whilst in our basket we have a pile of comfort foods and a feeling inside that we will try start the detoxing next week. It is better to wait until spring or a more traditional and natural new year time would be Easter.

It’s not to say that you can not shift a few pounds and feel better in January through eating the right food for the time of year and fresh fruit and vegetables are still on the top of the list for good health and vitality. They can be eaten in soups and warm fruit drinks, stews, risottos or steamed and grilled. It’s just not appealing to start eating summer fruits and salad in winter. Foods should be eaten in the correct season. Think winter root vegetables, stewed apples and blackberries, warm food that is filling not light food that is unsatisfying. All that said if you are determined to have a go at detoxing I would recommend a light fast around the time of the New Moon.

Yes this is the bit where everyone laughs but the new moon offers a natural light energy that is supportive to fasting. Also it gives us a chance once a month to let the system rest and begin to live more in harmony with the luna energy.

The tides are governed by the effects of the moon, fisherman understand the force and know when to fish according to the moon time. Gardeners know that at different times the air has a different quality to it and some days are better for planting, watering or cutting than others. I would like to see this knowledge brought into our 21st century and out of the realms of witchcraft and folk lore and that we begin to respect the natural time of the luna cycle and live with change instead of the unreal expectation that we can be the same each day.
. There is a lot to be said for ritual and anyone who has started a fast or detox programme will have been advised to prepare and take a month in the process for full benefits. If we use the luna cycle you will repeat the pattern each month to maintain maximum health benefits which include not just weight loss but will also give you a new and dynamic energy.

The effects of the moon at each stage.


On the day of the new moon the body’s capacity for detoxing is at it’s highest. You can not see the new moon, in diaries it will be marked as a black dot. I interpret this as the moon being empty (not full). We are at out lightest weight in the 28 day cycle and feel better. It’s a great time for breaking bad habits and starting a fresh. Any strong withdrawal symptoms are generally kept at bay at this time. Mentally people tend to react more calmly – think of the opposite when the moon is full, when the “lunatic” within us is in full force.

At this time set aside time to have a quiet 10 minutes or meditate. Think of the moon as an empty gold fish bowl and you are going to fill this bowl with positive energy, thoughts and attainable goals, remember to throw some love in there we can all do with a little more. If you are wanting to give up a bad habit this is a great time. Focus on the bad habit and pay no attention to opinion around you, if you choose to give something up don’t keep asking for a reason, just do it. The new moon will support the new time.


This is a time for regeneration, absorbing and supplying. The waxing moon supplies, plans, absorbs, builds up, breaths in, stores energy, gathers strength, promotes rest and recovery. The closer to the full moon the more powerful the force.

During this two week period you build up strength. Go back to the gold fish bowl. All that you put in it will enhance you. You are pouring new energy into the bowl – when you look at the moon you will see the light pouring in. This is a time to eat good healthy food. Your body absorbs all the nutrients easily and stores them for the time of fasting. It’s a time when you will become heavier but do not think it’s license to eat more. Be aware of the natural force – you are filling up so make sure it’s good stuff you are bringing into yourself. When you repeat this cycle after a full detox the benefits will be greater, so improving your health each month. Strengthening more effectively. Deficiencies can also be remedied more easily whilst the moon is waxing as minerals and vitamins are more easily absorbed.


You are now at the strongest force and the body will absorb all kinds of substances well including artificial additives that are in our food. Water accumulates easily and we are full – at our most heaviest.

A good time to fast for a day is on the full moon. The system can afford to take a rest.


As the moon goes from full back to new this is the period when detoxing is at it’s most beneficial and easy to do. Return to the concept of the gold fish bowl. At full moon it is full – marked in the diary as a circle. Now the moon is waning it is beginning to empty. There is a natural flushing out of the system. This is a fourteen day period towards the new moon when the success rate for detoxing will be at it’s greatest. Now having prepared the body with ingredients that are healthy and nourishing you continue but feeling lighter than the previous week when the moon was forcing the storing up and holding of water. You will feel lighter after the full moon and the process will be easy. This statement is worth remembering.

The waning moon detoxifies and washes out, sweats out and breaths out, dries, consolidates, prompts to action and the expenditure of energy. The closer to the new moon, the more effective the force.

This is it. As you reach the new moon and ready to fast for 1 day at that time it will be attainable and beneficial, you will feel new.

When you start the process again and live in harmony with this cycle you will feel the benefits of adding and building up new health and well being in an on-going way.

Remember to rely on your own instincts and less on the authority of another. Use common sense and trust your own instinct.

This article was written on the 26th January 05 and refers to Moon Time by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe for some of the references. The main article is original and comes from my practising and teaching yoga and own experience of living with the moon cycle.
Lisa Askem January 2006

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