Is a bad mood a bad thing?

bad mood mindfulness Jun 30, 2022

I always state in my mindfulness class that this is a practice of acceptance, its not about perfection.

I often ask the question do we prepare for mindfulness or are we being mindful.

There is no perfection on this, only knowing. 

Thanks to my students in class this week for sharing so much wisdom and learning as we tackle the issue of loosing control. 

You know those situations when the accumulation of stress just hits the wall, or more than likely those standing in front of us.

Emotions are like waves, they come in and hit a peak before crashing on the beach. They can also feel like ripples on a lake moving with the breeze and hardly never noticed. 

Ocean waves can be strong enough to contain a person, a surfer. That person who can navigate the energy of the wave, this energy that can either hold you or take you down.

A mindful practice is like that of the surfer, we are knowingly surfing the waves of our emotions and there are times when we fall.

In the class we pooled our experience of the sense of fall and how that impacts on our mood.

We know what is happening and can usually trace the out burst back to a series of events.

It’s not how we want to be.

It’s not our normal.

Loosing our temper often leaves us exhausted, frustrated and disappointed with ourselves.

However, we are not going to stop being angry or frustrated. The skill is knowing this state of mind and calling it what it is. 

Cultivate compassion and kindness towards your self.

Forgiveness helps us to let go and move on.

The more we practice this the quicker we recover and become more resilient.

Only to ride the wave again.

It is ok to be in a bad mood, just know that you are in a bad mood.


Try to see the challenges as a way to test your resilience. 

This is an opportunity to change and create better habits. 

I want to end this blog by sharing a bit of my own self reflection after this class. We talked about the impact of past experiences and our relationship with time, people and place. Connections are just that, a connection. In our journey of life will be form all sorts of connections, like travelling on a journey there will be meeting points, cancelations, stop overs and long stays.

Next time you feel frustrated, angry, annoyed, fearful, disappointed, try to name the emotion and cultivate for sense of detachment. Observe your breath. Let it settle.  Know that the emotional response willintensify and subside. 

Practice not reacting.

Resist impulsive behaviour.


A bad mood is a sate of mind.

You just have to know it. 



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