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help me sleep improve sleep insomnia poor sleep Nov 02, 2022

It is always an honour when I am asked to help someone find sleep. Its essential to our whole sense of well bing and more often than not easier restore our relationship with sleep thats we think. Making time to  think about our actions and habits around sleep and then find a way forward through making gentle changes. 


As someone who has always struggled with sleep and tried everything you could think of to help with no success until I met Lisa who was recommended to me. I joined her group sleep class which I found to be unbelievably helpful and useful so I decided to book six, one to one sessions with Lisa. I can honestly say Lisa is an incredibly knowledgeable person and has helped me no end to discover excellent quality sleep. I have never had chronic insomnia but intermittent insomnia and would often wake in the middle of the night and unable to get back to sleep which meant I was continuously tired and exhausted during the day.  Through Lisa's help and guidance, I now have the tools to make the right adjustments to my lifestyle to aid me whenever I have trouble getting to sleep or getting back to sleep. Lisa has a very holistic approach to helping people sleep and it certainly helped me. I am very grateful to Lisa and would absolutely recommend her services. 


Thank you Andrew Westley for taking time to write this, am thrilled our work together has had such a positive impact on your life. 

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