New Moves for 2023

balance clarity flexibility focus mindfulness self practice stretching yoga practice Jan 01, 2023

New morning, new day, new year, do something new today, even if it’s a not seen, a new thought or a new dream is a new start. Happy new you.

One upon a time back in 2019 I had this amazing year of travel. I choose to follow my dreams to travel frequently and carry out my intention of taking my work with me.

The pandemic put a stop to the travel part but it opened the door to my interest in remote working.

I wasn’t able to return to Ibiza where I ran an immersive week of yoga and well-being with my friends and health experts in diet, massage and EFT, complimenting my teaching of yoga and mindfulness. During this time of the pandemic  we have all diverted into other work and like many people learning adjust and live with the challenges of covid be that of impact on our incomes and also our health and that of our family. 

I am at heart someone who is happy to reflect on my thoughts and also have the courage the change my paths and take big leaps but my yoga practice is part of me. It sustains my growth and helps me to rest.

Balance is where life always feels its best.

Some postures are tricky, they take a lot of practice and flexibility, but they are available for all us  in our unique way. 

When I return to practice after a little break (its always a little break for me) my body soaks up the energy, I feel my circulation improve immediately and my mind shift to something easy to be with. Less foggy, more focus and clarity.

Join me for morning practice at 7am every weekday morning on-line. I also have a 2 hour yoga session to start the new year off with on Sunday 8th Jan at south wimbledon community association 2-4 pm. 


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