Too Busy to Sleep? Mindful ideas to help un-busy yourself.

being buy busy changing beaviour character strengths mindfulness poor sleep stopping tracking Jun 05, 2024

Something that often crops up in my sleep classes is the problems with being over committed and busy. Some people might call this ‘living a full life’ and there is nothing wrong with this at all. In fact isn’t it a desired to be doing a lot more of what we enjoy and being happy in this.

However if this is something that’s keeping you awake at night and causing worry or anxiety then it really is non of the above.

We fall into patterns of behaviour that don’t reflect our innate character traits and this can lead to an in balance. We might be a natural carer, but caring too much will be a problem. We might be a natural high achiever but suffer from burn out in a regular basis. In basic terms if we are frequently over extending ourselves then there is a problem.

Wondering how to know your character traits. Take this test and try to work with your top 3 everyday. 

Saying yes to everyone and everything will become exhausting and we can feel like we on a perpetual hamster wheel. 

Our mind always on over drive. 

How do we stop and change our behaviour?

First of all acknowledge the behaviour, accept yourself as you are now and take a few deep breathes.

It’s all ok, in fact it’s normal to reach a point of wanting to change.

Remember you are the one in control, not the circumstances of your life. 

It’s going to take time, awareness and patience.

Breath work and mindfulness can help you to change. 

The practices can help to support your change in attitude.

Where to start?

Actively schedule restfulness into your life in the same way that you plan to do other things.

Make doing less your priority. 

Practice saying ‘no' and be aware of how this feels to you. This might feel difficult to begin with.

You’re not saying to how you want to live your life, simply choosing to be rest full.

Track your progress. Not many people like to do this. It means taking ownership of your progress. No progress is still progress because the work is in knowing it.

Making a note of when and how you actively slowed down did what you think is nothing along with how this made you feel.

There is no right or wrong.

Try this exercise.

Throughout your day, set an alarm for 2 minutes every hour. This time is for you to stop and simply look around, out of the window or just take time to let your mind be still. Remember this a practice. If you do this 7 times a day that will give you approx 15 mins of meditation/mindfulness practice every day. 

Why do this 

Resist looking at your phone and responding immediately to requests from others. Even the good stuff. Take a conscious minute or more before replaying, reacting or responding. 

Remember that you have a choice with your actions and reactions. 

Before saying yes to things practice taking a moment before responding by saying something like, let me think about that and I will get back to you.

People will challenge you when they see you changing your behaviour but you dint need to explain your self.

Actions speak louder than words. 

Be clear and set boundaries for yourself.

Remember it's all a practice and the work is on going. 

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