Why Meditate?

actions being present emotions feelings meditaton mindfulness reactions Feb 14, 2022

I am penning this blog on Valentines day and if there was ever a day to send us into an emotional spin its today.

Love and romantic notion and two very different things.

Love is seemingly elusive but always there. 

A feeling. 

I do believe that once we begin to learn to meditate or perhaps more simply live mindfully we will start to feel an essence of love. I believe it's there in the space between things. 

Love is a word that hold and binds us to people places and times. 

Meditation gives us time to find space between our thoughts and feelings. A place to pause. It's not easy and it's not about finding enlightenment. It's just a useful tool to help us in our experience of life. 

I often hear people saying that their thoughts are all over the place, overwhelmed and in a spin.

The word spin makes me think of the lyrics in songs like ‘you spin me right right baby right round’ and ‘dance yourself dizzy’.

I will stop there. But I will invite you to consider the beats of your heart that sets the rhythm of your mind and how these two parts of your body are impacting on your actions and reactions. 

If you feel like you are in a spin, just stop and be still. If you find yourself lost in thought, stop and check in with where you are, look back and see how you got here, plan your next steps.

I came across this diagram which is really useful for us to understand how our thoughts impact on  our choice and how we are showing up in life.


Our emotions are spinning somewhere on this spectrum all of the time and there is nothing wrong in that, it’s normal. However there are times when are actions and reactions are not measured. Usually because we are stressed and not able process events or thoughts easily. Like a car crash in the fast lane on a motorway, a big pile up that those who are going slowly are driving by and are oblivious to the chaos. 

Slowing down doesn’t mean things don’t get done. Taking a break is not preventing progress. Quite the reverse happens. Once you start to take control of your time, your breath and your thought process you will find that everything does get done. You will find peace and you will embrace time with a sense of love and anticipation. 

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. I suggest whatever your level just take a bit of time out of your day and look out of the window. Name what you can see, go into detail. What can you hear, go into detail, name the sounds. What is the temperature, name it. Put your feet on the ground and rest your hands. Begin to notice your breath, name the in breath and the out breath as you feel it.

Do this for as long as you like, start with a minute,  set a timer if you want to but just begin and see how you feel.

I run a mindfulness class On-Line on Monday evening. Please check my timetable and drop me a note if you would like try a class with me. 

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