Caring and Sharing in my Community.

breathwork community classes mindfulness pain management sleep management streatham Oct 25, 2023


This autumn I have begun teaching my community how to improve their relationship with sleep. I received a grant through Streatham Action and am part of a group of local residents helping our community to feel better. The message of the funding is by the community and for the community.

I have settled into the local GP surgery, Gracefield Gdns and my class has attracted social prescribers from other practices. Along with my sleep classes I have offered help and support at the pain management clinic and ran a taster class of chair yoga, mindfulness and breath work to help people find a sense of balance and relaxation. 

The two standout take aways from feed back has been the importance of community, face t face unperson conversations and a feeling of being heard along with supportive advice. 

The second has been the impact of breath work. Very simple breath work. so many people have shared that they are practicing breathing in for the count of 4 and out for the count of 6 and its working for them. Obviously the working for them is varied but the people attending the classes are living with long term health issues. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t cost anything to do, no prescription needed. No special clothes or a yoga mat, no teacher, no appointments no time with a GP. It's not a cure or a fix, but simple a tool to help manage stress, anxiety and pain. To become focused and able to concentrate. To feel relaxed. 

You can check out my audio recordings of breath work and a body scan here. Simply tune in and try it for yourself.



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