Raising Funds for Charity

1%fortheplanet charity healther without honey kairos mindfulness yoga zerowaste Jun 14, 2021

I am an individual member of 1% for the planet and am a conscious consumer, choosing to make my money matter. Through the products that I buy and services that I use.  Making a commitment to giving at least 1% of my annual income to non profit organisations who help the environment and or support social change. 


1% is a small amount an easy start to begin a journey of giving back. I give to the communal fund and then choose a local charity to support, which ups my giving through this channel to a minimum of 2%. 

Through my consumer choices I give more, see my blog where I business that I support and use who actively give back. 

This year I am raising money for Kairos  A local charity that supports homeless men and women. 

Kiaros produce their own honey which you can buy from my local zero waste shop here in Streatham.  healthier without.







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